Patter Fam Sauces

Chili Rellenos
Serves 4
4 Pablano peppers roasted
2 cups Monterey jack or pepper jack cheese
4 Wonton wrappers
Roast peppers over an open flame, place in a bowl with cling wrap to cover for 15 minutes.  Carefully remove the blackened skin of the pepper.  Carefully slice down one side of the pepper and remove the seeds from the pepper.  Stuff the inside with ½ cup cheese.  Wrap the pepper with a wonton wrapper sealing the ends by wetting your finger in water and rubbing one edge to stick it to the other edge.  Deep fry 3-5 minutes at 360-375 degrees.  Top with salsa, green chili or sour cream.

Written by Joyce Peters — May 08, 2016

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