Patter Fam Sauces and Pastor's Pantry Cooking School

Spicy Orange Glaze

Winner of 4 Scovie Awards, 2 Fiery Food Awards and a Hot Pepper Award.  Our Spicy Orange Glaze tastes great on pork roasts and ham. Pierce the meat in several places and slow cook as you normally would, but halfway through smother your food with this glaze. It bathes your meat in a super sweet orange coat with just enough peppers to give it a kick. We’ve been told it’s like Orange Juice with an attitude! An incredible sauce over roasted chicken breasts it adds a healthy flavor to that usual dried out boneless rubber chicken you’re used to. This sauce is a great replacement for Duck sauce in Asian dishes and makes an awesome dip for tortilla chips. We’ve used it in cheesecakes, cranberry sauce and desert breads for a fantastic sweet, savory flavor.

12 ounce bottle


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