Patter Fam Sauces and Pastor's Pantry Cooking School

Serves 6
6 cups mashed potatoes
1+ cups AP Flour
3 oz. whole milk
1 T Dried Parsley
2 T Dried Chives
½ T minced garlic
Salt and Pepper to taste
clarified butter for frying
Panko bread crumbs

Mix parsley and chives together.

Working in batches combine 6 cups of mashed potatoes with 1 cup of flour, 3 oz. of
milk, 3 T of mixed herbs, and ½ T of garlic in a large bowl. If mixture seems too
wet add a little more flour. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Knead until

Divide into balls on a floured surface and flatten into a 3” patty. Coat lightly with
Panko bread crumbs.

Fry 4-5 patties at a time in a large skillet with 2-3 T of butter over medium high
heat until golden brown (about 5 minutes), turn over and fry the other side. Add
more butter if necessary. Remove and repeat the process.

Written by Joyce Peters — October 02, 2018


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