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Cooking Classes

During this global health crisis all of us are greatly impacted.  Here at the Pastor’s Pantry we want to be prudent in doing our part to eradicate the virus while still being true to who we are – people that want to share the Gospel of Good Taste with the world.  For that reason, we are launching a new Virtual Cooking Class!  Our virtual classroom will run Monday through Friday and be broadcast on our Facebook page.

We will be doing a video of the preparation of our class meal for that day and providing the food “to go” between 4-6 pm.  You need to reserve your meal by 10 am the day of the class.  Some of those classes may sell out before then, so go to the website and reserve yours early.

Reservations are done on our website as always    Select your class from the list below and the number of meals you want to reserve and checkout as in the past.

When you pick up your meal you will be given a printed version of the recipe.  Take your meal home and tune into our Facebook page to watch how it was made.

For those of you that may find it difficult to pick your food up between 4-6 pm, contact us to make special arrangements. 

We pray that this virtual cooking school will continue to be entertaining and helpful.  We thank you for your continued support the Pastor’s Pantry business and ministry.  Send us your comments and questions on our Facebook page, Messenger or email



We are so glad you are visiting with us today. We are excited to share the Gospel of Good Taste with you in a variety of ways.