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Fireside Cookbook

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Our fifth and latest cookbook is now ready to order! With a focus toward the outdoorsman, Fireside Cookbook from the Pastors Pantry has over 40 tasty meals for the hunter and fisherman. When you get right down to it, nothing can be more fundamental to our roots than harvesting our own food. Whether from the garden, the field or the stream, God has provided for our sustenance. Stewardship of our God given resources is a necessity. We should never squander the rich blessings and bounty that we are given by God. Enjoy the sporting life, but harvest only what is necessary to provide food for you or someone else. And of course, prepare that food with just as much stewardship. Cook well the food you are given so as not to waste a blessing.
Also in this cookbook are several homespun stories of outdoor adventures that will bring a smile to your face. Enjoy the reading.


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