Patter Fam Sauces

Jamaican Jerk

Winner of 5 Scovie Awards, 4 Hot Pepper Awards, 3 Fiery Food Awards, a Chile Pepper Award and People's Choice at ZestFest Midwest and the Houtson Hot Sauce Show.   Our Jamaican Jerk Sauce is specially blended to provide multiple layers of flavor for chicken, pork and beef. With subtle hints of Caribbean seasonings it has just the right amount of kick to wake up the taste buds and send them on an island vacation. Fantastic as a wing sauce, it goes well with any tailgate party. It is a great sauce for Asian dishes in place of Hoisin Sauce. Mix it with cream cheese for a “secret” recipe dip at your next party. Marinate meatballs in a crockpot for your next social event. It is also a wonderful marinade if you make jerky. My sister won’t eat fried potatoes with anything else on it! Use your imagination and take a dinner time trip to Jamaica soon.  (12 ounce bottle)


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